Psychological Services

The psychologist’s and clinician’s at Moss, Rowden, Freigang & Associates work with individuals to identify, assess and treat a variety of issues in the areas of: learning, attention, behaviour, social and emotional functioning. As a multi-disciplinary team with an extended range of experience in multiple areas and disorders, we are able to assist individuals and/or families with mild stresses to more complex and severe mental health struggles (including individuals with dual diagnosis). We work directly with the individual or family and involve you in all processes and decision making to determine the best approach to support your needs. As a team we also regularly collaborate with agencies and community resources. Our goal is to develop practical solution focused strategies for coping and positive change.

As a team, we believe that early identification of difficulties and struggles can prevent escalating concerns, reduce individual and family stress, as well as improve the individual’s outcome. However, it is never too early or too late to identify and work with issues. We also find that accurate diagnosis of difficulties is often required for access to educational and community based resources.

Who Do We Serve?

Our professionals have a broad range of experience in the following areas;

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Attention Deficits
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Child/Parent Conflict
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Developmental Delays
  • Emotional Difficulties
  • Language Delays/Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Social Struggles/Conflict/Bullying
  • Tantrums/Anger Management
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Parenting Frustrations
  • Psychosis
  • School/Work Avoidance or Failure
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Stress Reactions
  • And More

Assessment and Consultation Services:

We offer a wide range of assessment services from brief consultative assessment for strategy development to detailed and comprehensive standardized assessments. Services will vary depending on your individual needs.

We offer a range of more detailed and comprehensive psychological assessments to assist with:

  • Diagnosis of Mental Health, Learning, Behavioural and/or Emotional difficulties or disorders.
  • Developmental Assessments of preschoolers and young school aged children to aid in the early identification of struggles and intervention planning.
  • Psychoeducational / Cognitive Assessments to determine the learning strengths and weaknesses of children, adolescents and adults to assist with identification of learning and/or developmental disabilities, neurological or injury based struggles and to support education/treatment planning.
  • Behavioural Assessments to support development of appropriate strategies for behavior management.
  • Emotional Assessments to support understanding and treatment of struggles affecting an individual’s day to day stress and life coping.
  • Specialized Assessment Services for Individual’s with Autism Spectrum Disorders across the life span, to assist in supporting the complexity and unique needs of individuals with ASD.

Learn more about what is involved in the assessment process from the brochures below.

A Parent's Guide to Psychological Assessment & Treatment Services For Preschoolers, Children & Adolescents

A Guide to Psychological Assessment & Treatment for the Post-Secondary Student

S.T.A.R.T program

The S.T.A.R.T program is a 6-week templated and specialized psychoeducational program for children and adolescents to help them develop self-awareness, increase self-confidence, promote positive mental health, and learn positive tools for coping through therapeutic experience. 

The program focuses on one of the following (depending on client needs): anxiety, attention/self-regulation, managing anger, and social problem solving. It is a short-term, cost efficient treatment program offering resources and skills training around managing emotions, learning alterative thinking patterns, using relaxation tools, problem solving effectively, and using positive communication.

Moss, Rowden, Freigang and Associates continues to be a multi-disciplinary practice offering Speech/Language, Psychology, and Behavioral Services. We will continue to offer a full range of assessment, treatment and consultation services.

If you are interested in learning more, please ask one of our staff at the front desk.

Treatment and Intervention Services:

Our team offers a full range of treatment and intervention services designed to support individually identified needs. We will meet with the individual, parent and or family to help identify strategies for handling difficulties and can engage in short or long term therapy. Our treatments include:

  • Individual Treatment and Counselling
  • Parent Counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Marital Therapy
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Cognitive/Educational Remediation and Assistive Technology Training and Teaching
  • Behavioural Intervention using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis/Intensive Behaviour Intervention

Contact us for more information on psychological assessment and intervention services.

Read the following brochure to assist you to determine if you your health benefits will cover psychological services

Do Your Health Benefits Cover Psychological Services?

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