The COACH Program

Cognitive and Academic Remediation

Organizational Skill Development

Assistive Technology Training and Teaching

Consultation with Parents on Learning Styles, Techniques and Resources

Help on Homework without Tears

At Moss, Rowden, Freigang and Associates, many of our families are worried about the development of skills in their child’s specific areas of weakness and particularly in building skills which will allow their child to be more successful in school. For children who have undergone a speech-language and/or psychoeducational assessment (albeit from our practice or elsewhere), our follow-up service can be readily tailored to the unique strengths and weaknesses of the child. Many children with Learning Disabilities, Language Delays or Disorders, Speech Difficulties or disorders such as ADHD, TS and ASD have struggles in developing core academic skills. These struggles can lead to difficulties with reading, writing and math skills. Similarly many of our children struggle with core skills in organization needed to manage the day to day output and production demands of school. We have developed a series of clinical coaching and treatment services to best suit your child’s needs.

To determine if this service would assist your child, adolescent or young adult ask yourself if any of these situations apply to your child:

  • Does your child have an identified or suspected learning disability?
  • Does your child struggle with phonological awareness, decoding or comprehension in reading?
  • Does your child struggle to develop, organize or translate ideas in writing?
  • Does your child struggle in keeping up with class work, studies and homework?
  • Does your child struggle with attention to task?
  • Does your child have poor organizational skills?

The COACH Program is a one-on-one client centered therapeutic approach that provides a range of services. We have developed specialized programs which can assist with skill development on each of the above issues.

Contact us to see how we may be able to assist you with your concerns.


Learning to Read, Reading to Learn

If your child had difficulty acquiring language, they may have issues with learning to read, which will have a significant impact on their learning in the classroom.

  • This program will assess your child’s learning, and teach critical early reading skills.
  • Follow-up intervention will include ongoing monitoring and instruction of reading skills, and parent training for home based remediation.

Program Overview

  • 10 hours of in-office parent and child instruction from an Ontario Certified Teacher.
  • Packages of activities and books for ongoing home-based training and intervention.

Billed under psychological services for insurance purposes. Check with your insurance provider for your yearly coverage amount.

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