Specialized Programs For Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Moss, Rowden, Freigang & Associates provides a range of individual and family oriented services specifically for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our team has extended experience with ASD and understands the unique challenges faced by our clients and their families. By using the combined resources of our Multidisciplinary Team, you may be able to access services needed for your child’s Speech-Language, Psychological, Emotional/Behavioural and Individual Programming Needs.

ASD & Behavioural Services Include:

  • Specialized Diagnostic Assessment Services
  • Speech and Language Services
  • Behavioural/Emotional Assessment and Treatment Services through our ASD Behaviour Consultants and Therapists
  • Child Intensive ABA/IBI Based Therapy Services
  • Adaptive Technology Training; Coaching and Counselling Services
  • Specialized Counselling Services
  • Education Training and Coaching Service

Specialized Diagnostic Assessment Services:

  • A full range of comprehensive psychological assessment services for diagnosis, educational and life planning for preschoolers, school aged children and adults with ASD and/or dual diagnosis profiles.
  • This may include: Diagnostic Rating Scales for Families and Teachers; Direct observation in home or preschool/school; ADOS assessment; cognitive and/or psychoeducational assessments; or behavioural/social assessment.

Speech And Language Services:

Our Speech-Language Pathologists have specialized training, education, and extended experience in working with individuals with ASD. Individuals with ASD often require a range of specialized intervention strategies to help them compensate for, or overcome, complex communication based struggles. Our team recognizes the unique challenges involved with working with individuals with ASD and provides consultation, assessment and treatment for all area of communication needs. We recognize:

  • Social Communication struggles are a core aspect of the diagnostic profile of individuals with ASD
  • Many individuals with ASD have significant delays or struggles with oral motor speech as well as receptive and/or expressive language and require specialized strategies to manage their struggles
  • Even higher functioning individuals with ASD have complex language profiles with splintered skills, difficulty organizing and using language in interaction with others which may require specialized intervention or support
  • An extended specialized knowledge and experience base is required for professionals treating ASD individuals to be most effective

Our team offers an extended range of services and uses collaboration with other disciplines and team members to assist you to optimally meet your child’s individual needs.

Behavioural/Emotional Assessment and Treatment Services Through Our ASD Behaviour Consultants and Therapists:

  • Introductory educational support for families of newly diagnosed children who may be waiting for agency service
  • Strategy based consultation for families whose child does not have a diagnosis but who have questions regarding possible atypical behaviours or autistic qualities in their child.
  • Program development consultation for social, behaviour and practical life skills to help parents set up a home program or assist the preschool/school in programming.
  • Consultation regarding additional and/or alternative intervention approaches for families feeling unsuccessful with their current efforts to help their child.
  • Preschool/School based Observation/Consultation regarding programming or behaviour management.
  • Liaison/Advocacy Services with Schools and Community Agencies
  • A range of intervention based consultation and treatment services for families with preschoolers/children/adolescents/adult dependents with dual diagnosis profiles.
  • Specific individual therapy intervention (such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) regarding issues such as anxiety and anger management, social struggles, etc. and parent counseling regarding a wide range of issues.
  • Specialized services/expertise in developing social and academic skills in school using community based ABA interventions such as Pivotal Response Training and Structured Learning (e.g., TEACH). Parent training in methods also provided.
  • Consultation/Training to day cares, schools and community agencies in the use of PRT, Structured Teaching and general ABA Principles.

Child Intensive ABA/IBI Based Therapy Services:

This program offers a liaison service with Inina Goldenberg from ASD Achievers Consulting, under the clinical direction/supervision of Dr. Rowden for families interested in some intensive individual programming using Applied Behaviour Analysis or Intensive Behaviour Intervention Principles. For families with government based IBI funding, we offer intensive programs (based on funding up to 25 hours per week) for families wishing to use the Direct Funding Option in government funded programs. We will liaison with the supporting agency (E.g., ErinOak, TPAS). Many children however, are currently on lengthy waiting lists and families feel their child still needs more intensive intervention. Many families feel they are able to find the financial resources to fund a 4 to 8 hour per week program.

This approach may help families who:

  • Are already on lengthy wait lists for government based IBI programming
  • Have children with Higher functioning ASD who don’t qualify for government funding but need more intensive individualized programming for language and or other developmental areas
  • Whose children have high special needs in language and learning, or global delays but who do not have ASD. Some of these children may require or benefit from systematic and intensive individual teaching.

Adaptive Technology Training; Coaching And Counselling Services:

Many children with higher functioning ASD and/or Learning Disabilities would benefit from Adaptive Technology to assist/compensate for struggles with reading, writing and language or with computer assisted programs for learning. Even children with existing Special Equipment Claims within their school setting are struggling to make optimal use of these tools, or families do not know how to use the programs and incorporate them into their home based supports. We have developed a service designed to teach, coach and counsel children and families in the use of Adaptive Technology as part of an integrative clinical model for compensating for struggles with language, reading, writing, organization, planning, working memory, sequencing and/or processing efficiency.

Education Training & Coaching Service:

Specialized Counselling Services:

Our ASD team offers a range of services which can focus on families, the individual in the community, or the individual themselves. Some of the key areas of intervention include:

Focus on Families:

  • Avoiding child and parent conflict
  • Parenting frustrations
  • Management tantrums
  • Understanding Symptom Behaviour interactions
  • Issues with extended family
  • Behavioural programs using positive, proactive methods
  • Resource and referral support

Focus on Daycares, Schools, & Work:

  • Teaching strategies
  • Consultation
  • Coaching
  • Managing tantrums and anger displays
  • Understanding Symptom Behaviour interactions
  • School avoidance
  • Developing social skills
  • Behavioural programming using positive proactive methods

Focus on the person with ASD:

  • Emotional connection with others
  • Anxiety
  • Self-worth
  • Anger challenges
  • Rigid thought patterns
  • Sadness and worry
  • Hidden curriculum
  • Counselling using CBT

Education Training & Coaching Service:

  • Training for families, schools, and community agencies on the effects of ASD symptoms on everyday behavioural functioning.
  • Training for families, schools, and community agencies on how to organize environments and social interactions to maximize “teachable moments” for the person with ASD.
  • Coaching and clinical consultation to families, schools, and community agencies as a follow-up to help integrate training.

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